Leah Fairman By Leah Fairman

| 11 April 2024

Co:worx – Celebrating 2 Years in Business

Co:worx was thrilled to mark its 2nd anniversary on April 10th, 2024, showcasing the businesses now that make up the co:worx business network.  With panel discussions moderated by Liam Horan and Leah Fairman from the Connected Hubs network, it was impressive to see the diversity of talent on display at Co:worx today. 

Since its opening on March 31st, 2022, this innovative coworking space has evolved from serving a single client, Veon, to supporting a business community comprised of 18 diverse companies and with many more local businesses using its meeting room and training spaces.  The Co:worx business community include tech startups, product designers, engineers, accountants, web developers, ecologists, training providers, professionals from the meat industry, and an executive coach. The rich mix of individuals and enterprises at Co:worx has transformed it into a vibrant, collaborative.  Building a strong sense of community and a sense of belonging has been a key focus for co:worx and the importance of that was echoed today by the panellists.

Access to education and community development has been a cornerstone of Co:worx's mission. A significant milestone was representing Ireland and securing the runner-up position in the European Enterprise Promotion Awards held in Prague in November 2022. This recognition is a testament to the team’s dedication to fostering local enterprise, entrepreneurship, and facilitating access to further education and digital skills.

Collaborations with Grow Remote and the Department of Social Protection have enabled Co:worx to deliver innovative initiatives like the Remote Work Ready Course, benefiting 13 participants in 2023. Additionally, Co:worx has partnered with the Technological University of the Shannon & the Connected Hubs to launch "Learning in the Hubs," offering the Certificate in Supervisory Management & Team Leadership to 13 participants from the local community and industries since October 2023, both of these initiatives have been a hugh success.

Co:worx is a versatile venue. Over the past two years, its adaptable spaces have hosted a range of events from training days and corporate meetings to art exhibitions, whiskey tastings, and mindfulness sessions. It’s ideal for offsite meetings, training sessions, and company retreats. An onsite recording studio for podcasting is equipped with facilities for video conferencing and recording including table microphones, HDMI/wireless connectivity, and a HD display.

A goal for co:worx was to be catalyst for community and cultural enrichment, and it has actively promoted creativity through initiatives like the “Art in The Hubs”. In collaboration with the nationwide Connected Hubs network and the Contemporary Irish Art Society (CIAS), Co:worx integrates art into its surroundings, inspiring and motivating its occupants while fostering an appreciation for art in the workplace. As part of the Maria Edgeworth Festival, Co:worx proudly showcases local Longford art collections, bridging the gap between art and the community.

As Co:worx celebrates its 2nd anniversary, it reaffirms its commitment to driving innovation, collaboration, and community impact. With a warm welcome and a professional atmosphere it remains dedicated to nurturing talent, fostering creativity and community, and serving as a beacon of inspiration for entrepreneurs and professionals alike.


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