Historic Art in the Hubs exhibition opens at ACE Enterprise Park

15 June 2023 Leah Fairman By Leah Fairman

The Art in the Hubs Exhibition launched yesterday (Thursday, 22nd June) at ACE Enterprise Park, Clondalkin, showcases how workplaces can stimulate creativity, inspire productivity and promote a sense of well-being among workers.

The exhibition, launched by Emer Higgins, TD, marks a significant milestone in the collaboration between the nationwide Connected Hubs network and the Contemporary Irish Art Society (CIAS).

Pictured at the launch of the historic first Art in the Hubs exhibition at ACE Enterprise Park, Clondalkin, are (left to right): Jo Lawless (artist); Joan Mulvihill (Contemporary Irish Art Society); Liam Horan (Connected Hubs); Lisa Rowntree (ACE Enterprise Centre); Cllr William Carney; Emer Higgins, TD; Mary Pavlides (Contemporary Irish Art Society); Justin Mulhern (ACE Enterprise Park) and Cllr Eoin Ó Broin. Pic: Erica Lawless, Candid Creative.

Members of the public are invited to attend the vibrant Clondalkin exhibition which will run until Friday next, 30th June, from 9am-5pm each workday, and from 10am to 1pm on Saturday, 24th June. ACE, a member of the Connected Hubs network, are proud to host this ground-breaking exhibition.  Launched in February 2023, the Art in the Hubs programme places piece of contemporary art in Connected Hubs. It is now expanding to include the permanent placement of pieces of art in up to 320 hubs all over Ireland.

The ACE exhibition includes paintings purchased by the CIAS along with pieces by local Clondalkin artist Jo Lawless, whose work focuses on landscapes, seascapes and cityscapes, using oils and acrylics.

“ACE Enterprise Centre is all about supporting and enabling entrepreneurs and what better way to inspire their innovation and creativity than through art. Lisa Rowntree, Karen Smith and the ACE team have become curators in our very own local museum exhibition showcasing amazing talent, including local artist Jo Lawless. Now the entire community will have the chance to soak it all up during this exhibition,” said Deputy Higgins.

“We are honoured to be part of this historic event that bridges the gap between art and the workplace. The exhibition at ACE will undoubtedly inspire and invigorate all those who visit it, encouraging creativity and fostering a positive work environment. Long term, we are very happy that we will have several pieces of art from the CIAS collection on permanent display in our premises,” said Lisa Rowntree, CEO of ACE Enterprise Park.

Stephen Carolan, National Hubs Programme Manager at Connected Hubs, emphasised the impact of Art in the Hubs on workplaces. “Art in the Hubs adds an innovative dimension to the National Hub Network. By integrating art into the everyday surroundings of the hubs, we are seeking to inspire and motivate workers while also exposing art and the hubs to new audiences. In so doing, we are tapping into what we believe the future of work will look like,” he said.

Emer Higgins, TD, and Liam Horan (Connected Hubs), at the launch of the historic first Art in the Hubs exhibition at ACE Enterprise Park, Clondalkin. Pic: Erica Lawless, Candid Creative.

Joan Mulvihill, Contemporary Irish Art Society, commented on the significance of the collaboration. “Teaming up with Connected Hubs allows us to fulfil our goal of getting contemporary visual art out into the community. Already we have art places in Connected Hubs in Louth, Longford, Cavan and Monaghan, and this exhibition at ACE Enterprise Park adds another layer to what this whole programme is about. We appreciate the support the Department of Rural and Community Development, ACE Enterprise Park and Connected Hubs have shown for the project,” she said.

Cllr William Carey, who deputised for Mayor of South Dublin County Council Emma Murphy, wholeheartedly endorsed the value of art in our lives, and spoke about the potential for hubs / work spaces being set aside for artists in the community. The large attendance also included elected representatives Deputy Gino Kenny and Cllr Eoin Ó Broin.

Justin Mulhern (left, Chairperson, ACE Enterprise Park); Liam Horan (Connected Hubs), and Emer Higgins, TD, at the launch of the historic first Art in the Hubs exhibition at ACE Enterprise Park, Clondalkin. Pic: Erica Lawless, Candid Creative.

About ACE Enterprise Park:

ACE Enterprise Park is a premier business hub in Clondalkin, Dublin, providing state-of-the-art facilities and services. As a member of the Connected Hubs network, ACE offers a range of supports for new, emerging and established small businesses, including information, networking and practical training. More: www.acepark.ie

About the Contemporary Irish Art Society:

The CIAS is an important force in contemporary visual arts culture in Ireland. As well as the purchase of artworks, it runs a regular programme of visits to public and private galleries, artists’ studios and private collections. The society also advises on the collection and display of Irish art, leading to a greater appreciation and understanding of the country’s dynamic contemporary visual arts movement. More: www.contemporaryirishartsociety.ie/

About the Connected Hubs network:

The Connected Hubs network is a collaborative community of forward-thinking workspaces across Ireland. By promoting creativity, entrepreneurship, and connectivity, the network aims to drive economic growth and support businesses of all sizes, while offering attractive and affordable working spaces for workers of all types. There are currently 320  hubs bookable on the ConnectedHubs.ie platform. More: www.ConnectedHubs.ie