Nigel Moran By Nigel Moran

| 20 March 2024

PorterShed announces new facility for parents and guardians, Seomra Bábóg

PorterShed has announced a new addition to their events facilities, ‘Seomra Bábóg’, dedicated to serving parents and guardians who find themselves without childcare when they’re attending a PorterShed event. You don’t have to miss a thing, just contact the PorterShed to set up a stream in Seomra Bábóg, then join your group for networking.

“When I came back from maternity leave in January I had a newfound appreciation for our community that is so flexible, so accepting, and so open to collaboration. I never want to miss that connection, and we don’t want any parent or guardian to miss out because childcare falls through, or you find yourself needing (or wanting) your child by your side on any given day. Seomra Bábóg accepts that life keeps happening while we work, and lets us extend our community’s acceptance and flexibility to anyone attending PorterShed events. I hope lots of places create their own Seomra, and that I get to bring my daughter to STEM events all over Ireland in the coming years”, Rosemary Gallagher, PorterShed

Recognising that such inclusivity is a privilege, the PorterShed team was inspired to create Seomra Bábóg as a means of extending this privilege to all members of the community.

Seomra Bábóg offers a simple yet effective solution for parents facing childcare challenges, whether a scheduled babysitter falls through or they simply prefer to have their child accompany them. In Seomra Bábóg our little attendees are free to talk and play, while the parent or guardian can watch an event stream in comfort. When the talks are over, they can join in the networking or have the networking join them, never missing out on a connection. 

By providing this innovative child-friendly solution, PorterShed reaffirms its commitment to fostering an inclusive environment where individuals can balance their professional and personal lives seamlessly.

For parents and guardians interested in utilising Seomra Bábóg during PorterShed events, simply contact the PorterShed team prior to the event to make arrangements.