Leah Fairman By Leah Fairman

| 7 July 2023

Putting the ‘Remote’ in Remote Working: 5 Island Hubs

This summer, many of us will be taking time out to explore all our gorgeous country has to offer. From bustling cities and charming seaside towns to soaring mountains and secluded beaches, there’s something in Ireland to suit everyone’s dream staycation. What’s more, there are great facilities dotted all around the country in the form of digital hubs – spaces you can pop into if you need to do some work, but don’t fancy finishing up your holiday just yet! In fact, even Ireland’s most remote locations – its dreamy set of islands – are home to a selection of brilliant co-working spaces. So, if your destination this summer is the rugged west coast (and beyond), here are five island hubs you can avail of while you’re there.  

MODAM: gteic Árainn Mhór 


The port on Árainn Mhór island 

Located off the west coast of Donegal is the idyllic island of Árainn Mhór. It's absolutely steeped in Irish culture and history, having been inhabited since prehistoric times. Like most of the Donegal landscape, it’s wild and untamed, perfect for either a family adventure or some solo wanderlust exploration. On the island you’ll also find gteic Árainn Mhór, a state-of-the-art digital hub “where the unique Gaeltacht culture drives creativity and innovation”. If Árainn Mhór is your holiday destination this summer, be sure to check it out 

Inishbofin Community Centre 


 Views from Inishbofin Community Centre 

Next up, it’s Inishbofin (Inis Bó Finne – Island of the White Cow). Located off the Galway coast, it’s another magical location that’s just calling out to be explored. There are three official looped walks, and lots of trails off the beaten track that offer stunning views of the wild Atlantic. What’s more, should you fall in love with the island and decide to extend your break (who could blame you!), Inishbofin Community Centre is the perfect place to check in with colleagues, send important mails or hop on a call.  

gteic @ Inis Meáin 

The Aran Islands (Photographer: Chris Hill, image from IrelandsContentPool

Also off the Galway coast are the famous Aran Islands. We’re focusing on the smallest of the three; Inis Meáin - measuring 5km x 3km and home to just 180 islanders. This is the perfect place to well and truly get away from it all; enjoying walks along its maze of winding roads or taking time out on the secluded north beach. Should you wish to stay a little longer, there’s a hub on the island too – gteic @ Inis Meáin aims to make the island a great place to visit and work, creating “new opportunities in sustainability and cultural tourism”. Book your desk here 

Clare Island Community Centre 


Harbour at Clare Island (Photographer: Wendy Mitchell, image from IrelandsContentPool

Fans of ancient Irish history will know that Clare Island off the coast of Mayo is home to the ruins of Grace O’Malley’s (Gráinne Mhaol’s) once formidable castle. The iconic ‘Pirate Queen’ is said to be buried on the island too, having died in 1603. Elsewhere across these stunning 4,053 acres, you’ll find dramatic sea cliffs, a 12th century Cistercian abbey and the island’s famous lighthouse. Want to stay and see more? No problem – its local hub is a social enterprise, serving community, business, service, research, and public sectors. Find out more here 

Gteic @ Acaill  

Keel Beach on Acaill  

Once you’ve accustomed to the relaxed pace of life on dreamy Acaill, you won’t want to go back! Film fans will recognise this wild and untamed Mayo island as the setting for much of the Golden Globe winning movie, The Banshees of Inisherin. You’ll understand why it was chosen when you visit this mesmerising landscape – there's five Blue Flag beaches, some of the highest sea cliffs in Ireland, a haunting deserted village, and miles of rugged terrain offering amazing views out to sea. Oh, and there’s a hub too! Located on Achill Sound, gteic Acaill has all the facilities you might need to get a couple of days work done while you take your time discovering all this enchanting part of the world has to offer.  


As always, these are just a handful of the hundreds of hubs located around the country. Whether you’re travelling for business or pleasure, visiting family or just fancy a change of scenery this summer, hubs offer a handy option to stay on top of work while still living life to the fullest. Discover more today.