Joellen   Owers By Joellen Owers

| 19 May 2022

The benefits of remote working

This guest blog has been contributed by : The Impact Hub @ An Crann

Remote working has seen massive growth since the beginning of the COVID-19 Pandemic.  It has also helped businesses and employees realise the countless benefits of remote working.

A better work-life balance.

A good work-life balance is extremely important for many employees, but technological advances have made this balance somewhat harder. With longer commutes to work, workers have to leave their homes increasingly early, taking away from time at home. Remote working adds more hours to your time at home.

Being a remote employee promotes employee well-being.

Well-being within the workplace is extremely important as it can have an affects performance. Good well-being leads to better productivity. With no commute, no rushing out of the office to grab lunch or long days in an office building, your well-being can improve.

An increase in productivity.

Productivity is a massive factor in remote working. When remote working began to take off with the onset of COVID, many employers were wondering if their employees were working at home. However, studies from Stanford University show that remote working boosts productivity along with fewer sick days being taken.

Working remotely saves companies money.

With less employees in the office, companies can save money on the office space they rent out. The same Stanford study from above showed that companies saved approx. €1,894 per employee on office space.

With all this in mind, is remote working something you would consider?

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The content of this blog is based on an article written by WeWork on May 4th, 2020. The full article can be found here: