Scheme extended to January 8th 2023. How to book your free coworking desks. Connected Hubs Voucher Scheme

29 June 2022 Liam Horan By Liam Horan

The National Connected Hubs Voucher Scheme (Phase 2) went live on September 21, 2022. It has now been extended to run until January 8th, 2023.
At least 10,000 hot desk working days will be provided free of charge over the course of the Scheme, which is aimed at existing hub users as well as those accessing hub facilities for the first time.  This phase of the scheme allows you to book up to three free coworking days in participating hubs, subject to availability and hub approval.

Read this blog to find out how to register for your vouchers on our Connected Hubs site.

Register now

Watch our quick Tutorial Video here
In this tutorial video we show how you can register for your vouchers by first finding a Hub your want to book, and then entering your personal details. 

Not ready to book a desk, but want to register for your vouchers anyway?

Registering for our vouchers is simple.  Just go to and scroll to the Connected Hubs Voucher Scheme banner.  Click the orange 'Register now' button

Or click HERE to go straight to the registration page.

Fill in your details and hey presto! you've done it.  Your three voucher credits will automatically be assigned to your account.

I’ve registered and now wish to book a free hot desk.

Log in to and use our Search page to find a participating Hub. This link HERE will take you direct to the search page.

When you find a hub you wish to book, scroll down the page to find the National Connected Hubs Voucher Scheme .  If you don’t see that  on the page, it means that hub is not participating in the scheme. It may already be fully booked, for example, or it may not offer daily coworking.  Search for an alternative hub close by.

The Desk Plan image looks like this:

When you've found the hub you wish to book, click through Book Now.  You will be able to book directly or submit an enquiry (this varies from hub to hub, it will be obvious when you click through).

If the hub has direct booking - you will get an automatic confirmation email.
If the hub had asked you to submit an enquiry, the Hub Administrator will Accept or Reject your enquiry ASAP and you will receive an Acceptance or Rejection email once they do. (Rejections are not common - lack of available space is the most common reason when they occur).

For more information and FAQs click through to our next blog post HERE

If you still have queries, please contact us by email at

Please include your phone number if you are happy to take a call from us – a call can often be the quickest and most effective way of resolving a query.